Focus on Remote Learning, but Don’t Forget Server Updates

After months of planning, professional development and communicating with parents, teachers, and students, some schools have had to delay opening because of cyber-criminals. The list of school districts who are victim to ransomware and other malicious attacks is growing, and it's important to review your district's digital security, knowing that schools are a prime target for cyber-criminals.

Know in Advance the Essential Zoom Features Unavailable to Students Using a Chromebook

Even after installing the Zoom extension and ensuring each device is running the most updated system (currently 84.0.4147.136), there are features simply not available on a Chromebook.

Redundancy and the Value of An Articulated Plan B for Remote Learners

Across the country Monday, Zoom users--including courts, public schools, colleges, and businesses, were unable to connect to what has become a lifeline to their work. This is a wake up call to K-12 school districts, and planning for future disruptions is essential to any successful remote learning program. Like fire drills that take place at the start of the school year, responding to a widespread technology failure in a remote learning environment should be considered essential.